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This easy to golf program can help to track and analyze your golf game. You can input up to 10 different stats for each golf hole you play including score, drive distance, number of putts, sand balls, etc. The software will then track averages and totals for a large number of stats. You can browse and sort golf rounds by golf course, date, and score. Also, printable reports and a picture section. Golf Tracker is free with no restrictions.

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In a game where every stroke can mean winning or losing, it?s good to know all you can about your golf game. Where you are improving, but also where you need to practice. Golf Tracker software is a tool designed to help avid golfers track every aspect of their game. From average drive length to number of putts to average score on par 4?s, Golf Tracker can give you statistics that will reveal your shortcomings and strengths. A number of various stats can be tracked for each hole you play. Golf statistics include drive length, greens in regulation, number of putts, water balls, bunkers, out of bounds, lost balls, and strokes. Then the golf software will compile them and provide you with totals and averages. Of course golf handicap and average score are a part of this, but also other stats from average number of lost balls to the number of times you?ve been in the bunker. These stats can be sorted by golf course so you can compare how you are doing overall versus how you score on your home golf course. Other features include print outs of score cards and rounds as well as pictures for each round. The program is easy to use and click through and enter golf rounds as well as check out stats. You can sort rounds by date, score, and golf course. Golf Tracker includes help to get you started and is a full freeware program with no limited functions. Get your swing in gear and get a full view of your golf game with this software.

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